• Employee Dress Code

    Employee Dress Code

    In order to reinforce a shared vision of the school and central office staff members’ identity as highly motivated professionals, the following dress code has been adopted for all Sabine Parish School Employees.


    General Guidelines:

    1. Each employee of the Sabine Parish School Board will contribute to the formation of a positive, professional public image by maintaining high standards of personal appearance through appropriate dress and grooming.
    2. Employee dress and grooming shall promote a positive learning/educational environment and a professional, business-like image to the public.
    3. It is the responsibility of the principal or supervisor to be aware of inappropriate dress and to discuss dress and grooming expectations with those employees who may require guidance.

    The following apparel is not acceptable for Sabine Parish School Employees: 

    • Warm up suits, jogging suits, wind suits, velour suits, yoga pants
    • Blue denim jeans*
    • T-shirts*
    • Tight fitting/form fitting clothing
    • Shorts
    • See-through clothing
    • Overalls
    • Scrubs
    • Tops and dresses that show any cleavage or the midriff
    • Tank tops
    • Clothing and jewelry that has any type of drawing or words that would be vulgar, profane, suggestive or affiliated with drugs, alcohol, violence or gangs.
    • Flip-flops (any shoe that goes between the toes and forms a “V”)
    • Beach type crocs

    *Exception:Principals may designate days jeans and T-shirts to be worn.


    Female Employees:

    1. Capris may be worn if they are mid-calf or longer.
    2. Sleeveless tops are only acceptable if the top meets the edge of the shoulder and no undergarments are showing.
    3. Skirts and dresses should be knee length or longer.


    Male Employees:

    1. Men’s shirts must have sleeves and be tucked in unless designed to be untucked (i.e. sweaters, shirts with banded bottoms).
    2. Mustaches and beards may be worn, but must be trimmed, well groomed and neat. Otherwise facial hair is not allowed.


    Agriculture Teachers:

    Agriculture teachers are exempt from the prohibition on jeans.Due to the nature of their jobs, it is permissible to wear occupational work clothes.


    Bus Drivers:

    Bus drivers should follow the general guidelines with the following exception:Bus drivers may wear jeans, overalls, scrubs, T-shirts and loose-fitting shorts approaching the knee.



    Custodians should follow the general guidelines with the following exception:Custodians may wear jeans, overalls, scrubs, and T-shirts.


    Physical Education Teachers:

    PE teachers who spend the majority of the day in physical education classes may wear loose fitting, belted shorts, approaching the knee (no denim or spandex) during their physical education hours.When coaches leave the physical education area, wind pants must be worn.PE teachers are not exempt from the prohibition on T-shirts. Collared shirts should be worn.For athletic contests, coaches should follow the General Guidelines and the policy for Male Employees with the exception of outside sporting events when loose fitting, belted shorts, approaching the knee may be worn (no denim or spandex.)


    School Nurses, Therapists, and Early Education Teachers:

    School nurses, therapists, and early education teachers (Pre-K and K) should follow the general guidelines with the following exception:Scrubs and protective clothing is acceptable.

    Contracted employees must abide by the dress code of the parent employer and/or profession.

    Substitutes and Volunteers:

    All substitutes and volunteers are expected to adhere to the Sabine Parish Dress Code Policy.


    Pierced earrings are limited to the ears.


    Note:The above stated dress code is outlined as the minimum acceptable standards.Individual school principals may require a more restrictive dress code.

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