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    For the Teacher

    Holocaust Teacher Resource Center - Lesson plans and related materials for teachers.

    The Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust - An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust.

    Teacher Vision - Lesson plans on the Holocaust for different grades.

    Teaching Guidelines - Information for educators.

    Teaching the Holocaust - Memorial to the Holocaust that teaches children about the topic using stamps, pictures, text and paintings. In English and Hebrew.  

    For the Student

    AMCHA - A healing resource for Holocaust survivors and their descendants.

    Anne Frank - an Oasis of Innocence - Narrative of events in the Diary of Anne Frank.

    Anne Frank Foundation - (Administers the copyright to Anne Frank's writings) Introduction to the diaries; contact information.

    Anti-Semitism and Holocaust - Extensive directory of sites on anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, and related topics.

    Auschwitz and Birkenau - Virtual museum of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany's death camps. Includes map of the camps, chronology, and photo archives depicting facilities, life and death in the camps, and the Nazis' exploitation of remains.

    A Belgian Family's Story - The story of the Deloge family from Belgium through two world wars, ending in death in Auschwitz.

    Biography of Anne Frank - Short biography of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, who lived in Holland during the Second World War and was forced to hide from the Nazis.

    C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Holocaust Museum - Dedicated to the children of the Holocaust and those subjected to the experiments of Dr. Joseph Mengele.

    Christian Holocaust - Facts, figures, documents and testimony by high ranking Nazis officers and others on the extermination of Christians during the Second World War.

    Cybrary of the Holocaust - Forum for Holocaust survivors and their descendants, to promote remembrance.

    Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site - History of the camp and details of the fates of former prisoners.

    Did Hitler know about the holocaust? - A psychological assessment considering indicators that Hitler was fully aware of the implementation of the Holocaust. Provides references.

    Encyclopedia Britannica – Holocaust search results.

    Forgotten Camps - History of Nazi camps in Amersfoort, Vught, Breendonk, Drancy and Plaszow.

    Gulag and Holocaust Memoir - A journey through prisons and camps where millions died, in search of loved ones.

    The History Place - A thorough timeline of the Holocaust. Covers Adolf Hitler's rise to power all the way to 1963. Within the timeline there are links to the concentration and death camps of the Third Reich.

    - This Grolier Online site offers an overview of Hitler's life.

    4Holocaust - Holocaust and World War Two-related links from 4anything.com.

    "Holocaust" - Examines the history and meaning of the word "Holocaust". Argues that the term has long been in use and discusses the term's changing and various meanings.

    Holocaust - Articles, email newsletter, online discussion and links selected by an About.com guide.

    Holocaust and War Victims Tracing and Information Center - A national clearinghouse from American Red Cross that assist persons seeking the fates of loved ones missing since the Holocaust and its aftermath.

    Holocaust and World War II - Browse through a series of articles about the Holocaust and WWII.

    The Holocaust Chronicle
    - Companion site to the not-for-profit book.

    Holocaust Essays By Louis Bulow - Stories of Auschwitz and biographies of the major names of the time.

    Holocaust Heroes - Read about the Holocaust Heroes who risked death themselves to save persecuted Jews trying to flee Germany.

    Holocaust History Project
    - Archive of documents, photographs, recordings, and essays.

    Holocaust Links - Directory of websites providing information, literature, lesson plans, organizations, memorabilia, resistance, and other topics related to the Nazi genocide.

    Holocaust Memorial at MELRC - A virtual memorial to the holocaust, with links to other holocaust sites.

    Holocaust Memorial Center - Documents the horror of the period and the rich culture and history that was lost.

    Holocaust Names - An attempt to compile a list of Holocaust survivors and relatives.

    Holocaust Research Resources - Annotated links and original material on the Holocaust.

    ISurvived.org - A tribute to survivors of the Nazi holocaust.

    JSource on the Holocaust - An online encyclopedia covering anti-Semitism to Zionism.

    Links to the Holocaust - Subject directory on Holocaust-related topics such as art, audio, video, camps, children, denial, discussion groups, eye witness testimony, ghettos, restitution, recovery, teaching resources, remembering survivors, time line, war criminals.

    Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial - Austrian Ministry of the Interior site in English and German.

    Meyer's Holocaust Links - Extensive listing of Holocaust/Shoah links from all over the world.

    Mr. Heitmann's Holocaust Page - Comprehensive collection of links, collected by an American schoolteacher.

    Museum of Jewish Heritage - Visit this museum's online exhibits to read and see how the Holocaust devastated the lives and tore apart families of many innocent Jewish people.

    Natanson Memorial - A simple but moving Holocaust memorial page.

    Nordhausen - The story of the liberator of Nordhausen's Mittelbau Dora concentration camp.

    Oskar Schindler - Read about Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who faced death to save thousands of his Jewish workers.

    Poland's Holocaust - A Family Chronicle - Personal site with diaries, letters and photos documenting a family suffering under totalitarianism.

    Schindler Survivors - Of those who perished - and the few who survived ...

    Simon Wiesenthal Center - The continuing work of the famous Holocaust survivor.

    Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness - shares details of the little-known story of Sugihara and his family and the fascinating relationship between the Jews and the Japanese in the 1930s and 40s.

    The Story of Oscar Schindler - Biography of a humane figure in amongst the horrors of Holocaust.

    Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation - Interviews with Holocaust survivors.

    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum - Details of exhibitions and the museum calendar. See also the student section.

    Voices of the Holocaust - Interviews conducted in 1946 in displaced persons camps around Europe and transcribed into English.

    Women and the Holocaust - Offers a collection of articles, reviews, essays, and testimonials about and by female victims of the Holocaust.

    Yad Vashem - Israel's Holocaust museum and memorial. Includes information on the museum, its exhibits, remembrance services, collections, resources, education programs, research and publications, and people who helped save Jews from the Nazis.

    Zachor - A collection of links to Holocaust sites, arranged by category.