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  • Melissa Lee Flowers
    Director of Technology Services

     318-256-9228 ext. 251

Technology Staff
  • The Sabine Parish Technology Department works with the Central Office Personnel and School Administrators to develop strategies for utilizing technology in order to enhance the student learning experience and improve teacher performance.

    The following are some of the areas of responsibility:

    • The Technology Staff serves as a consultant to Central Office Personnel, School Administrators and Teachers.
    • The Staff communicates State and Federal regulations and policies relating to technology practices.
    • Helps with the design, scheduling and conducts technology training for all personnel
    • Provides a standard for review and purchase of technology equipment

    Data Processing:

    Attendance, grade reporting, and student data is maintained at the Central Office. Data processing is the link to the State Department of Education, providing the school district with online capabilities.

    Technology Support:

    This department configures, installs, supports and maintains district wide-area-network and school-based local area-network components.  They insure that district-wide network communications processes are maintained.  They are responsible for configuring, installing, supporting and maintaining all district computers, laptops, printers and ios devices.   


    This department supports and identifies areas of need regarding security cameras and ancillary equipment for the safety of all SPSB schools and departments.