• Parent's Communication Center


    Instructions for creating new user accounts

    Establishing A Parent Account To Use “Parent Communication Center” aka "Student Progress Center"

    1.   Click on the "Parent's Communication Center"
    2.   Click on "Register a New User".  This step will only be used once to setup a user name and password.
      •       Complete Relationship Information from the dropdown menu.  (Mother, Father, etc) 
      •       Complete "Name Information". “Name Information refers to the parent's information, not student information. This data must be the exact information on file in JPAMS.
      •       PSN is the last 5 digits of your child's SS number.
    3.   Click "Submit"
    4.   Complete the questions asked.
    5.   You have now completed your user name and password.
    6.   Logoff the system
    7.   Return to SPSB Homepage and logon to "Parent's Communication Center" or "Student's Progress Center" by using your user name and password.

    Parents/Guardians: If you have more than one child in our school system, you can view their data by adding the child’s PSN from the menu provided at logon.

    If you experience problems establishing an account, contact the school that the student is attending and ensure that the parent/guardian information is correct. The information must be identical to the information used by the school’s JPAMS system. If you have verified information with the school and are still experiencing login errors, please contact JPAMS at 1-800-509-7070.