• Graduation Rates

     The Dropout Prevention and Recovery Act approved by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) states that school districts will post graduation rate information for each high school. All high schools with a graduation rate below 80% have submitted a Dropout Prevention Plan to the Louisiana Department of Education.

    The graduation rate is the percentage of students entering a high school as 9th grade students in a specific year and graduating as a class four years later with a high school diploma. This group of students is referred to as a "four year graduation cohort".

    Students that count against the graduation rate include students in the cohort who drop-out, complete high school with less than a high school diploma (i.e. GED, Skills Certificate, Certificate of Achievement) and those that require more than four years to earn a diploma.

    Louisiana's most recent graduation rate is 78.1% (2016-2017). Sabine Parish's most recent graduation rate provided by the Louisiana Department of Education is 93.3% (2015-2016*).


    Sabine Parish School Graduation Rate
    Converse High School >95%
    Ebarb High School 87%
    Florien High School 93.9%
    Many High School 93.5%
    Negreet High School 91.7%
    Pleasant Hill High School 92.3%
    Zwolle High School 92.2%