Mr. Eddie Jones, Jr., Principal
  • Education

    Graduate of Florien High School, 1985

    Bachelor of Science, Northwestern State University, 1990

    Master of Education, Northwestern State University, 2003

    +30, Northwestern State University, 2009

    Graduate of Louisiana Superintendent's Academy, 2017


    School Superintendent

    Supervisor of Instruction

    High School Principal

    Elementary Principal

    Physical Education



    Professional Development

    2017 NAESP Conference - Baltimore, Maryland

    2016 NAESP Conference - National Harbor, Maryland

    2015 NAESP Conference - Long Beach, California

    Louisiana Educational Advancement and Development with Technology (LeadTech)

    Louisiana Principal Induction Program

    Louisiana Teacher Assistance and Assessment Assessor Training

    Designing and Teaching Online Courses (The Louisiana Virtual School)

    Louisiana Educational Leader Induction Program Mentor

    Adventure Based Counseling - Ithaca, New York

    90/90/90 Schools Summit - New Orleans, Louisiana

    LaTech Law Institute - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Model Schools Conference - Orlando, Florida

    Professional Organizations

    National Association of Elementary School Principals

    Louisiana Association of Principals

    LHSAA School Relations Committe Member

    Louisiana Association of School Executives

    Chairman District 4B

    Sabine Association of Retired Teachers


    Sabine Parish Principal of the Year 2015-16

    FHS Teacher of the Year 2002


    Sports on Call Radio Presentation (Sabine Basketball & LHSAA Presentation) - January, 2015

    Sports on Call Radio Presentation (Sabine Basketball & LHSAA Presentation) - January, 2014

    Sports on Call Radio Presentation (Sabine Basketball & LHSAA Presentation) - January, 2012

    Sports on Call Radio Presentation (Sabine Basketball & LHSAA Presentation) - January, 2011

    Open Line Radio Program (FHS Positives & Budget Concerns) - November 8, 2010

    Open Line Radio Presentation (Graduation Cohort Index Presentation) - October, 2009

    Louisiana State Superintendents Conference (Graduation Cohort Index Presentation) - August 2009

    Sports on Call Radio Presentation (LHSAA Presentation) - February, 2009

    Louisiana Association of Principals Conference - October, 2008

    Open Line Radio Program (Literacy Presentation) - October, 2008

Principal's Corner

  • August, 2019 --  Now that we have come to the end of the summer vacation, it is time to begin a new journey.  As with many journeys, plans have to be made.  Fortunately, many of the plans for the upcoming year have already been made, and much of the work has already been completed.  However, there is still much to be accomplished.  Now is the time to start on our journey.

    I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome all faculty members and students back to school.  I hope that all of your have enjoyed your vacation and are eager to get started. As hectic as the first days of school often seem, they are very important days.  There are schedules to finalize, forms to complete, and many other tasks to be completed.  I know that with the teamwork of our helpful staff, dedicated students, and supportive parents that these first days of school will go smoothly. I encourage all students to keep a positive attitude, prepared and ready to learn.

    I encourage each student to get involved in the many activities and extra curricular organizations as well.  Research shows that students who are active in the ongoings of the school tend to do better academically than their counterparts.  In addition, I also encourage each parent to be involved in the ongoings of the school.  It is very important that you familiarize yourself with the new student handbook which is available on our website.  You may also request a hard copy at the office.

    As we begin our journey, I challenge each student and teacher as I have challenged myself to set your goals high for the coming year.  If each of us pursues our goals, then the sky is the limit for Florien High School


    Eddie Jones, Jr.