Sabine Parish School District

  • Shane Wright


    P.O. Box 1079

    695 Peterson Street

    Many, Louisiana 71449

    Phone: (318) 256-9228

    Fax: (318) 256-0105 


    Welcome to the Sabine Parish School District website. We are pleased to share information with you about our district and schools.

    Good schools contribute to a good community. Our teachers, principals, administrators, support staff, parents, and board of education share high expectations for student achievement. We are committed to quality instructional programs that meet the needs of all students. We are equally committed to professional development for our staff and a learning environment that welcomes the community into our schools.

    The purpose of our organization is to educate all students in a nurturing learning environment where students, parents, teachers, staff, board members, and community members work together to develop academic excellence, ethical behavior, personal responsibility, and lifelong learners.

    We are a school district that places the work of teachers, students and partners at the center of our organization. Student learning is our business. We have, therefore, committed to a vision that is straightforward. Our vision is that every student, parent, teacher, staff, board member, community member and all who enter our schools will enter into a field of dreams. Our schools are places where:

    1. dreaming is encouraged, not discouraged.
    2. Ideas are developed and opportunities are discovered.
    3. It’s better to try and fail than to have never tried.
    4. Students become achievers, not quitters.
    5. Everyone who enters into our field of dreams is recognized as having the capacity for learning.
    6. Every student is recognized as gifted.
    7. Every person entering our field of dreams is deserving of the highest level of respect, support and encouragement.
    8. Our school environment, curriculum, classroom organization, student government, code of conduct, and staff and school board attitudes and behaviors are supportive of our dreams.

    Ultimately, we envision students that will master basic skills and then apply those skills to creatively solve problems, use technology, consider issues from multiple perspectives, work well with others and embrace the value of lifelong learning.

    We hope you find this website helpful. If you have questions or comments, please share them with us. Thank you for visiting our website.