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Summer School

2020-2021 Attendance/Credit Recovery Summer School Contract




  1. In repeat academic class offerings, credit for the course is largely dependent on satisfactory participation in the class. Participation equals 40% of the student’s overall grade. Students absent more than 3 days per course cannot receive credit due to the lack of necessary participation points.
  2. Students must arrive to school on time, or the missed time will accumulate. Thirty minutes of missed class time will equal a full absence.
  3. Students are to only use the Main Entrance to the building when entering or exiting.
  4. Appropriate dress for class is expected. Therefore, school uniforms are required. Dress down days will be announced. All students are expected to behave in a manner that is conducive to learning. It is expected that students will conduct themselves in a moral and ethical manner at all times. Plagiarism and cheating are unacceptable behaviors.
  5. The Administration of Many High School enforce a zero tolerance policy towards violence and drugs. Any student whose behavior is determined to be violent, destroying property, involved with weapons of any kind, or in violation of Civil or Criminal law will be dropped from the program. This behavior includes, but is not limited to assault / battery, possession, use or transfer of drugs, under the influence of alcohol/drugs or dangerous weapons, arson, extortion, bomb threats, vandalism, theft, possession or sale of stolen property, causing a false fire alarm and sexual harassment. Penalties may also include arrest. Anyone observing or being victimized by such an act should report this information to a staff member.
  6. Electronic Equipment (Ipod’s, cell phones, PSP, etc.) Current MHS policy for cell phones will apply during summer school.
  7. Students are expected to refrain from engaging in any form of conduct that is deemed Harassment, Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Hazing, and/or Sexual Harassment.
  8. Open beverages and glass containers are not permitted on school property and may be confiscated.
  9. Smoking is not permitted in the building or on school grounds. Any student found smoking on school property will be dropped from the program. Loitering in the halls or on school grounds is not permitted. Teachers will begin and end class periods. Students not in the summer program are not permitted on school grounds.


Each student will be required to sign a copy of this contract and parent letter and return to the summer school office. Students must also have their parent or guardian read and sign the contract by the first day of classes.


I have read the above information and am aware of the behavior required to be allowed to attend Summer School as well as the consequences for not following the rules. I understand that the grade I receive is dependent on my effort and participation.





Attendance/Credit Recovery will meet June 7 – July 8, 2021 Monday-Thursday from 8am-12pm.  We will not meet on Monday, July 5th, 2021. 


MHS will NOT be providing transportation or breakfast/lunch.


MHS school uniforms are required.