On Thursday, October 20, 2022, Sabine Parish Schools hosted a multiagency
collaboration to discuss mitigation efforts and plans to combat student
truancy. Superintendent Shane Wright, his Central Office staff, Judge Verity
Gentry, FINS Intake Officer Kem Jones, Sheriff Aaron Mitchell, Chief Deputy
Brad Walker, Assistant District Attorney Anna Garcie, Many Police Chief Cheryl
Wooley, and Assistant Chief Mason Wiley attended. All district principals were
also in attendance and had an opportunity to voice concerns and share ideas.
As a result of this meeting, SPSB Officials, in coordination with these entities,
will identify truant students and work to provide solutions to barriers
preventing regular attendance. Discussed in detail was the implementation of
more serious consequences for chronic absenteeism and continued truancy by
repeat offenders.
School attendance is vitally important for long-term academic success, and it is
a parent’s responsibility to ensure that his/her children attend school
regularly. State law allows a maximum of 10 unexcused absences per school
year (5 per semester for grades 9-12). Parents whose children are habitually
absent from school will be required to work with the local FINS Intake Officer.
In addition, parents may be required to attend FINS meetings, juvenile court,
attend mandatory parenting courses, and/or pay applicable truancy fines. Superintendent Wright stated, “Our school system is pleased to share a strong partnership with these local agencies and know that through our collective efforts, student truancy rates will decline. I appreciate Judge Gentry bringing everyone to the table for today’s open dialogue with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for the students of Sabine Parish.”

Official Press Release