In an effort to provide families with additional opportunities to support their child’s literacy development, the Louisiana Department of Education launched a new literacy tutoring program for eligible public school students in grades K-5. The Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program provides $1,000 digital tutoring vouchers to the families of eligible students. These vouchers can be used for high-quality tutoring sessions to support student reading. 

This program is for eligible public school students in grades K-5. Students in grades K-3 are eligible if they scored below proficient on their beginning of year screener. Students in grades 4-5 are eligible if they scored below Mastery in ELA on the spring 2022 LEAP assessment. Families who are unsure of how their child scored should contact their school for additional information.

Your student may be eligible to enroll in free tutoring services. Tutors are approved through the Louisiana Department of Education and are certified teachers in elementary or reading, have a degree in education or English and have expertise in reading and literacy.

Through this program, the state has developed an online platform by which families can log in, enter their student’s information, and if eligible, receive a digital voucher for tutoring. Families may then schedule tutoring sessions with state-approved tutors for their students online and in person utilizing the same platform. Applying for the digital voucher and tutoring services is easy and will take less than 5 minutes. Visit www.louisianatutoringinitiativ... to learn more about the Steve Carter Literacy Tutoring Program and apply. You will be required to: 

● Enter your email address to receive a temporary pin. 

● Provide your student’s unique student ID number, school district and name, grade level, and date of birth in the system. If eligible for the program, students will receive a message on the website in real-time noting their eligibility. Once eligibility is approved and verified by the school, students can access available funds online, which can be used only through the platform to schedule tutoring. 

● Enter your zip code to find a certified tutor nearby to register and enroll for reading and literacy support.