SPSB Stakeholders, We recently joined an initiative supported by the Louisiana Department of Education to help school systems build strong strategic plans to achieve our goals. As part of that work, we are taking time this fall to gather feedback from students, teachers, staff, and families on how well we are doing as a district and how we can strengthen our plans moving forward. Your voices are essential to this effort. Therefore, I invite you to complete the linked survey. The survey will be available September 9th-23rd. I know you are very busy, and your days are long, but I hope you may be able to find the time to share your perspective. I look forward to receiving your open and honest feedback about our district. Thank you, Shane Wright Superintendent https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C2V95W6?fbclid=IwAR3soa5lClJtdvVOd3GFJEfmIlldUvogIhRunX_jUcdegm_RhkJjkI2OuZQ
6 months ago, Sabine Parish Schools
For information about Summer P-EBT eligibility and more Frequently Asked Questions, visit https://www.dcfs.louisiana.gov/page/pebt-summer-2021.
7 months ago, Sabine Parish School Board
7 months ago, Sabine Parish School Board
First Day of School for 2022-23.
7 months ago, Shane Wright
Welcome Back
Welcome Back to a New School Year! First Day of School is August 10th
8 months ago, Shane Wright
Parent and Student walking to school.
Just wishing everyone a great week!
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